February 23, 2015

Turf Care



Fall Aeration

*Available only to Weekly mowing customers.

Aeration is very helpful especially if you have compacted or clay soils. Aeration will stimulate root growth of established fescue.  At TrustyCare, we always use a core aerator which removes a core of soil from the lawn and deposits it on top of the ground.  We recommend a FREE SOIL TEST before aeration/fertilization in the FALL.  Fall aeration is performed in SEPTEMBER.


Fertilizer and Lime Application

*Available only to Weekly mowing customers.


NC STATE Lawn Care Calendar for Tall Fescue (Mountain Area)

Spring – NC State recommends spring fertilizer be applied BEFORE March 15.

Summer – DO NOT fertilize in summer.

Fall (September) – Aerate and over seed, apply fall fertilizer and lime.



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