Real Mulch Vs Recycled Wood Waste Mulch

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but there’s a real mulch debate in the Weaverville, NC area.  We’re often asked if we use recycled wood waste mulch.  It’s cheaper so it would be more profitable, but the answer is NO.

We only use real mulch from saw mills.  Recycled wood waste mulch contains just that – waste.  It may contain diseased trees that were removed from a property by a tree company, it may contain brush, grass and weeds that were removed from a property, it might even contain japanese knotweed or some other nightmare weed.  Would you really want that kind of mulch on your property just to save a few bucks?  Wood waste mulch can be easily spotted by its gray appearance.

In our opinion, it’s worth the extra cost to apply pine or hardwood mulch to a Weaverville, NC property – it just plain looks better and it doesn’t contain waste that someone wanted off their property.

It’s time for mulch!