December 13, 2012

About Us

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson TrustyCare Owner

You Deserve Exceptional Lawn Care Service From a Company You Can Trust…

that’s TrustyCare!


My name is Chris Robinson and I am the founder of TrustyCare.

How did someone with three college degrees end up in lawn care?  Yes, I really have three college degrees (BS, BA, MA).

Well, I really like lawn care and it’s a great industry full of potential, and I just really love working outside.  A corporate career, professional life just wasn’t for me…

So I got the small business fever and started a lawn care company.

Yes, I know lawn care companies are everywhere, especially in a down economy like this one.  Yet most lawn care customers have a difficult time finding a service they really like and can trust?

That’s why I founded TrustyCare in 2011.

Unlike most lawn care providers, we show up, we do what we say we’re going to do, and we do a really good job.  It’s that simple… and 90% of our competitors don’t do it!

And you should know that we are committed to a 100% legal work force.

We discuss Safety, Communication, and Quality  Control.

We have dozens of Happy Customers.

And we’d like to earn your trust, too!

And if you live in the local area, come join us at Enon Baptist Church in Marshall NC

Chris Robinson